Long time....

Hey guys, long time no talk!!!  Sorry :L  Anywho, I just started high school, and I'm VERY busy lately, thats why I haven't been posting.  Also, I've all but stopped simming.  I'm starting to get more into professional graphic design. :D  But seriously, I'm SOOO busy.  Since school started...

--I became class treasurer
--I got a (-coff- my first -coff-) boyfriend ^-^
--I got a JOB AT 14
--and just generally...I'm in 9TH GRADE.  I am soooooo confused for high school >_<

But yeah, I might just post on this for letting myself get rid of my feelings in a MUTUAL way.  But yeah.  Lemme start on my latest issue :(

Okay, well last weekend was Homecoming!  But since I missed last weekend, and it's a small place so they only have 2 waitresses, I asked if I could take this Saturday off too because my mom had to go to a wedding, and they said that I could take it off.  THEN, 2 days ago, they called me and said if I didn't work friday AND saturday, I'm fired.  So my mom cancelled going to her wedding and I feel so bad about it.  But, then, I got invited to my friends quienceanara on the same day.  I have no clue what to do.  I'm probably gonna go to work, leave an hour early, and then go straight there.  I don't know.  -sigh-  Any ideas?  Thanks for listening to my rant even though I'm pretty sure nobody reads this :(  But yeah, thanks <3  I might get back into the simming community soon.  Once I get my grades up.  I currently have a D and 3 C's and an A and 2 B's.  Ew.  If I get a C, I get my computer taken away D:

Bye <3 <3 <3



Long time, no post!

Hii! :D  I wanted to say that sorry it's been a while since I posted, I just didn't really have anything to share :p

For now, my Delectable assignment is 'Natural'.  It's a lingerie competition and I'm STUCK.  I have NO CLUE what to do D:  Please, if you want to be EFFING AMAZING, comment or email me telling me some sort of idea at


Also, I made this picture for Epic Designs, Beech's new editing-only competition and I'm proud of it!  The assignment was "shattered"


Uhhhh....sorry xD

Hey guys!!! I've been back for a week now xD  Sorry about not posting...I just...didn't :p

Anyway, as you can see this blog has a new layout!  I like this one more.  Even though the other one looked cool, this one is easier to navigate :D

Also, I have joined a new competition, hosted by Scruffy, called Enchanted Elements!  It's a high fashion ad competition that I'm REALLLLYYYY looking forward to.  I made a whole new model!!! :O  Here she is:

ANNNDDD I have started drawing hair!  I used Bliss's tutorial and it just instantly clicked!    I drew the hair on my new model and the one for my Delectable assignment 5 so far.   

The one for my model:

And my Delectable assignment (It had to be black and white so I did that when I turned it in but I like the color version better):

That's really it!



Start-to-Finishe Assignment Journal: Delectable, Assignment 3

Hey guys!  I decided to follow Rexy's example (Click here to see it!) and make a start-to-finish assignment journal!  I was going to do this with my Inspiration assignment 2 like she did, but I changed my mind on what I wanted to do at the very last minute so I decided to do it with my Delectable assignment as this one took me a couple days.  Well, here it is! :D

March 21st

~The assignment was posted.  Wasn't really inspired by it so I decided to look through my poses and see if any of them inspired me.

~Checked "Beech's Pose Place" for any new poses and saw this pose and it totally inspired me.  I was going to have her hanging upside-down from a wire as like a highrope hanging act.

March 22nd

~Needed some other CC for this so I went to Mod The Sims and found this carnival mask and downloaded it.  Decided I was going to draw some silk around her chest instead of taking lingerie pictures in-game so I didn't need any other CC but I had some homework so I couldn't go in-game now.

March 25th

~Went in-game to take some screenshots for this.  Ended up with two, one of her waist-to-neck and one of her head because the pose made her head bend back more than expected.

March 26th

~Started editing until I had to get off for dinner and homework.  Really just changed the color of the waist area, cut it off the background, put it on a plain white background and added the head on.

March 27th

~Re-opened it and worked on the editing.  Didn't want to draw the silk on because Vana said it might not count as lingerie so I found a picture of one online and skin shaded too.  Drew on the eyelashes, skin smoothed, enhanced eye and mask colors, and edited her lips. Also made a background the type that I wanted.  Lastly I realized that I forgot to get pictures of her arms for pose combining xD

March 28th

Due Date!

~Went in-game the second I got home and got this picture of her arm.

~Decided that I would her doing a handstand on a wire instead because I didn't get enough of her waist to show that she was hanging from a wire.  What I did today was MASSIVE.  I redrew the hair because I decided it looked ugly, shadowed behind her, turned her arms the other way, added stitches between her arm joints because I couldn't get the skin to match exactly (While I was chatting with Rose, my previous mentor in The Agency and now a good friend, she pointed out "Just because she's a circus person she doesn't need stitches on her arms." so I decided to show that she was "babydoll" so that it would explain it), added her arms on, drew the wire she's standing on FROM SCRATCH (particularly surprised on how well it turned out), added hints of bright pink blush, added a little collar with a bow to cover up a screwup on connecting the head to the neck, and, finally, added the final text "Babydoll  Upside-Down Tightrope Act".  Decided it was ready to be submitted after passing it through a few friends who aren't judges in this comp (some simming, some real life ones) and submitted! :D


Well, tell me what you think!!!!

ALSO, not part of the start to finish journal, wanted to tell you guys a few things.

First of all, a reminder that I'm going to be gone from March 31st to April 6th/7th.

Second, I was just saying that I also entered the new sensation comp, "Face Off".  It's somewhat like 'SMS but it's headshots only.  I like this one too :)


Lastly, I am in the middle of the Harry Potter movie series for the first time (I finally gave in >.>) but I'm almost done with it and pretty soon I'm going to be needing a few movies to watch.  Any ideas?  :)



New Photo and AWESOMENESS and sadness :(

Let's start with sadness...

I'm going on a cruise over spring break, meaning I won't be able to see you guys, as internet is like $1 a minute O _ O.  So :(  No editing either because my parents are refusing to let me bring my laptop >.>


The AWESOMENESS is that my grades are kind of getting back under control a little bit!!!


This is my FAVORITE EVER photo.  I did SOOOO much to it.  I drew the hair for the first time with it actually turning out good :D :D :D